Dear Big Sandy School District Community,

We will be giving school lunches to all students free starting on Tuesday, November 3.

If any student or child 0-18 desires to eat school lunch, it is free for the remainder of the school year or for as long as we are within this program.

For those students on the CDLS online program or other children that desire to have free lunches, please go to our Simla Lunch RSVP Form to RSVP and plan to pick up lunches at school from 12:30-12:45 on school days.

Each lunch account will remain as is, meaning debts owed still need to be paid and accounts with a positive balance will remain the same.

We are in our eleventh week of in-person teaching/learning and are blessed to have had such a good time with the teachers, students and staff.

In-person learning is so valuable and we want to thank everyone for doing your part during the school day and outside of the school day!

Thank you to the student council, Mr. Thieman, Mrs. Swennes, Mrs. Tucker, to the students and staff that made Spirit Week a very successful, fun and enjoyable week.

Thank you for a continuing great school year!

Steve Wilson

Departments: Hot Lunch