Dear Big Sandy School District Community,

Congratulations.  We did it.  Together.  Thank you.

We successfully finished the first semester today with teachers, staff, students, parents/guardians, and the Big Sandy community.

Last Friday I sent an email to our staff stating that in the last 15 years we have only had 2 years in which we missed zero days of school during the first semester (snow days, mud days, state volleyball…).  Our next school day on Tuesday, we missed because of snow/wind…still pretty good considering the type of year we have had.

Most of us will remember 2020 forever.

Governor Polis has been promoting a lot the last couple of weeks the high need for schools to get back to in-person schooling; he has listed many benefits of having in-person schooling.  It is not communicated to the big cities and Front Range community that most rural schools have been having in-person schooling for the biggest part of the whole first semester.

One big thing that has worked, and a big thank you, for parents and students not coming to school sick…thank you!

I am not in favor of having all of the state wide tests this spring, but if we do have them, I am guessing that our students will shine brightly with their student learning compared to the majority of the state.

Thank you all for making it happen!

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Steve Wilson