Last Updated: January 4, 2021

Dear Big Sandy Community,

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) is a federal program which we have been receiving money to help our school/students/staff/community with COVID issues.

With ESSER I and ESSER II monies, we went through our application being reviewed and approved and were also audited through our annual auditing process.

Schools are now going through additional audit/monitoring processes making sure these funds have been used wisely.

ESSER I and II Funds Use:

To let our community know what we have purchased with these funds, we are sending this communication out today.

  • We added additional cook help as we added an hour to the lunch time-frame during the day for additional cleaning and spreading students out;
  • Used money to replace loss of revenue at ball games as we were restricted in having the normal number of fans attend, but still had the same expenses with officials, coaches, equipment;
  • Purchased a needed bus;
  • Purchased several learning from home curricular options;
  • Spent money on additional substitutes as staff was quarantined throughout the year;
  • Purchased additional technology for online and at home help;
  • Purchased outside lunch tables to spread students out and get students outside during lunch as well well as having classes being taught outside;
  • We purchased face masks;
  • We purchased hand sanitizer;
  • Purchased a floor scrubber which cleans the school more effectively;
  • Purchased sanitizing spray equipment so that we can sray down classrooms, hallways and buses;
  • Purchased thermometers and temperature taking equipment.

ESSER III Funds Proposal/Application:

With ESSER III monies, we want to inform our Big Sandy School Community of our intentions after giving our community opportunity for input as we prepared our application for these funds:

  • We will spend at least 20% of these monies directly targeting learning loss of our students.
  • We are looking to spend ESSER III monies on a computer based math curriculum helping all K-8 students and helping K-12 students that need significant math intervention help;
  • Purchase of additional technology, namely Chromebooks;
  • Add an additional paraprofessional person to help teachers and students that need the most assistance;
  • Provide summer school for students that need the most help;
  • Provide after school and Monday tutoring;
  • Provide staff that comes back to Big Sandy a financial incentive;
  • Purchase a special education intervention program;
  • Pay for 1 0n 1 summer tutoring for students that had/have the most need.

Application for ESSER III Submitted/Approved:

Prior to September 14, 2021, our school board, Accountability Committee and  Superintendent’s Advisory Committee reviewed and developed our ESSER III application while assessing community feedback.

You can view our Full Application & Documentation for ESSER III application here as well as  our initial notice requesting input for ESSER III funds allocation, posted on August 6, 2021.

If you desire more clarification or have questions, please contact me at (719) 541-2292 or via email.

Thank you,

Steve Wilson

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