Big Sandy Accountability Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 9th at 3:00 p.m.

A. Meeting was called to order by Kayleynn at 3:06 p.m.

B. Board/School Reports

Board Report- Agate school district was considering the possibility of consolidating their district; however, after board elections, they changed their mind and dissolved the consolidation committee.  Some electrical work will take place down at the field.  The land at the old school site has been sold, and a new building will be built on our current school site in the future.  State legislation session will begin tomorrow.  Because of new tax laws, schools may receive more revenue.  New school board members were elected:  Chad Maranville, and Greg Mitchell.  Board president is Todd Natale, vice president is Ricki Sellers, and the secretary is Nancy Sotomayor.  Our school board passed a mill levy, and it has been lowered slightly.  The school’s final budget was approved last month.  Everything is looking good.  School calendar is currently being worked on for next year.

Elementary Report- The month of December was a flurry of activities for the elementary.  The Christmas program was on Dec. 5th, and many families were served supper before the program by the FBLA.  The elementary matchwits team competed at Peyton and brought home a first and second place ribbon.  Santa came to visit on Dec. 7, the boys had a library party on the 19th, and the True Sport celebration and Christmas parties were held on the 21st.  End of first quarter was Dec. 21st.  The elementary attendance rate for the second quarter was 94.63%.  Report cards will be sent home by Jan. 11th.  Teacher inservice day was yesterday.  Five of our teachers will be attending a two day writing training in January, and 10 teachers will be attending the CCIRA reading conference in February. Our elementary school was awarded the “John Irwin Award” by CDE.  The state’s website explains, “The John Irwin awards are given to schools that demonstrate exceptional academic achievement over time.”  The whole school participated in a fundraiser for our local Simla grocery store called Making a “Change” in Our Community.  Students brought change and filled their classes’ jar during lunch.  Overall, $650 was raised.  Classes who raised the most will receive a pizza party.  January is writing month.

Secondary Report- JH had an incentive breakfast on Dec. 20th for students who qualified.  Teachers cooked and served the students.  The high school had an enrichment day which included escape rooms and minute to win it games.  True Sport students did an excellent job with the elementary and jr. high students in celebrating their success.  Attendance was 94.76% for the second quarter.  Prom is currently being planned.  Staff had a safety inservice.  The undersheriff will come and do an assembly with students.  Feb. 15 is early dismissal, and parent teacher conferences will be held that day.  Evaluations are being completed with teachers.  The pilot rubric is much more effective with teachers.

C. Kid’s Korner/Key Communicators

Kid’s Korner-FBLA is currently working on their projects and getting ready for districts and state.  The student body is sponsoring a taco dinner to raise money for a former student.  True Sport is still going into the classrooms to teach students about the true sport values.  STUCO is also planning a community dance.  NHS will be doing box tops, and they sponsored the Santa visit.

Key Communicators-Simla Committee for Community Growth is looking to establish a neighborhood watch.  The grocery store and locker plant have been broken into several times.  The desire is to work with local law enforcement.  School Resupply will happen on Jan 20th (11-4pm), and school supplies will be handed out to restock diminishing supplies.  Momma Smith’s will provide food, and other businesses will participate as well.  Scott has been working closely with businesses to obtain donations.  The library has a number of programs going on.  Elementary basketball is currently taking place.  Double EL is now having their tree sale and is also offering a scholarship for seniors this year.

D. Title I/Preschool/Vocational

Preschool-It went pretty well today.  We have 30 kids currently.  Two more slots were applied for and received.  Our district received an additional $10,000 as a result.  A third of preschool students are in speech.  Three students are nonverbal.  Two more students came today and will be put on a waiting list.  The preschool made a wreath for the grocery store and brought it down to them.

E.  Safety Committee Update

Elbert County Sheriff dept. came and presented Iloveuguys which is a safety protocol.  Our nurse also presented on health and safety topics.  We haven’t had any workman’s comp. claims this year, and we only had one last year.  Hopefully, our rates will go down.  With safety money that was received by the district, we were able to purchase 3 buses, a skidsteer, and a truck.

F.  Nutritional Update

Our average daily attendance continues to be good.

Next accountability meeting will be February 13th at 3 p.m. in the board room.


A. Call to order.

B. Board/School Reports

C. Kid’s Korner/Key Communicators

D. Preschool/Title I

E.  Vocational Report

F.  Adjourn

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