A.Call to order-Kayelynn called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.

B. Board/School Reports

1.  Board Report-We recently had an election.  Nancy Sotomayor was reelected, and Greg Mitchell and Chad Maranville were elected to the board for a four year term.  Our funded student count has increased since last year.  Our total student count for this year was 323 students.  The CDE District Summary of Pupil Counts report was shared with the group.  We have received a couple of electrical bids and might be doing some work down at the football field.  Some electrical wires have been stripped on the top of the light poles.  The school has a contract on the vacant land.  The state budget will be coming out soon.  An ad will be posted for a Spanish teacher in the Ranchland beginning next week.  It will also be posted on the CASE website.  Lori Ellefson, Todd Natale, and Steve Wilson went to the Agate Consolidated Committee meeting last week.  The SAC committee will begin looking at next year’s school calendar at their next meeting.

2.  Elementary Report- The elementary attendance rate for the first quarter was 97.16%.  The second grade had the highest average with 98.53%.  All students who had two or less absences were rewarded for their great attendance, and the second grade received additional candy.  Seventy-one elementary students participated in reading month.  In order to qualify, students had to read every night at home for fifteen minutes or more.  Eligible students received a certificate, candy bar, and an extra recess.  November is math month.  Elementary Matchwits was held on Monday, Oct. 23rd.  Five teams attended, and Simla teams placed first and third.  Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Jenkins did an outstanding job.  The elementary attended a live theater performance at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs.    The play was “Bunnicula” and was based on a children’s book.  Teachers read this book to their classes, and then students viewed the production.  Veteran’s Day Assembly was held last Thursday.  Teachers decorated doors and took advantage of this learning opportunity to teach students about veterans and their importance to our country.  Students were able to eat lunch with the visiting veterans.  End of second semester will be Dec. 21st.  True Sport leaders will be hosting an event for elementary students and Christmas parties will be held this day as well.
3.  Secondary Report-Secondary had an attendance rate of 96% for the first quarter.  Senior seminar students participated in a job shadow activity, and several seniors were able to gain experience in various job experiences.  The Veteran’s Day assembly was great.  Mr. Tucker and Mrs. Hamacher did an excellent job of coordinating this for our school.  Red Ribbon week went well.  There was a locker decorating contest and various other activities.  JH had their first incentive activity a week ago.  All students were able to watch a movie in the cafeteria and play Minute to Win It games.  The Christmas program will consist of high school drama and the elementary music classes on December 6th.  FBLA will be providing a dinner before the program.  After much research, the secondary has decided to have a closed campus for lunch due to safety reasons.

C. Kid’s Korner/Key Communicators

1. Kid’s Korner-True Sport will be having an activity for all students the second half of the day on the last day of school before Christmas break.  Elementary basketball has started, and there is a three on three basketball tournament that is being sponsored by the Booster Club next Saturday.  NHS will have Santa visit on December 6th, and FBLA students are beginning to work on their projects.

2.  Key Communicators-Mr. Miller wanted to thank FBLA for participating in the Trunk or Treat activity.  Momma Smith donated delicious food for the event.  In December, the library will be providing activities during the break.  The library will also be participating in the town’s Parade of Lights.  Crossroads continues to do well.  Fall Fest went well, and Bryce commented that they had more kids than usual.  He stated that he thought the Trunk or Treat worked in conjunction with Crossroad’s Fall Fest.  JH lockin will be on December 15th.

D. Title I/Preschool/Vocational/Attendance Rate

1.  Title 1-Nothing new to report.

2.  Preschool-We currently have 28 students, and one more will be attending in January.  Mrs. Jenkins explained the requirements in accepting students for this program.

3.  Vocational-The budget number is $65,000.  We have three certified vocational teachers-one in industrial arts, and two in business.

E.  Safety Committee Update-We have practiced fire drills and shelter in place drills this year.  On Jan. 8th, the sheriff’s department will be here to go over standard protocol for I Love You Guys.

F.  Nutritional Committee- Compared to last year’s numbers, we have been serving an average of 42 more hot lunches a day this year.

Next meeting will be on January 9th, 2018.

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