One show only – November 15, 2023

Show starts at 7:00 p.m.

About Twice Upon a Time

Set on Christmas Eve in Grandma’s family room, “Twice Upon A Time” is a fun mix of fractured fairy tales! Grandma has always been an adventurer– preferring pirates and astronauts to princesses and fairies… so it is no wonder that when her grandkids ask for fairy tale bedtime stories, Grandma puts her own silly twists on them!

“Twice Upon a time…” Grandma begins each goofy retelling of a once-familiar classic. Cindy-Rella is now an insufferable neat freak not inclined to leave her chores to attend the prince’s barbecue, even if there will be a bouncy castle there. Grandma seems to have forgotten about the Big Bad Wolf, so her stories pull Big Bad Bear away from his porridge to threaten both the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Pants. Even Goldilocks is confused why she has cameo appearances in both these stories!

Despite the children’s occasional protests at Grandma’s absurd revisions, they beg for more. She forges on to tell the tales of Snow White and the Four Dwarves (because four is plenty, thank you!), and Grumplegrapeskin and all the rest of the wacky characters in this charming and enchanting play packed with five tales that will really crack you up!


  • Adult Ticket: $8.00
  • Students/Seniors(55+): $5.00

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Tickets may now be purchased at our On The Stage platform using a credit or debit card.  You can reserve your seats.

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If you still prefer to use cash or check, we can do that as well.  You will need to contact Mrs. Bauer  or call the school and let us know you would like reservations for the performance.

From the Director:

Big Sandy and the surrounding Simla community have been a great source of support for our performing arts students. The Simla High School Drama students have also adventured into the realm of musical theatre, daring to perform Broadway JR Edition musicals annotated for performance by secondary students. In cooperation with educational theatrical licensing agencies such as MTI, Pioneer Drama, and others, Simla High School is dedicated to offering educational theatre, meeting the needs of various types of performers.

Now, Simla HS is also providing students with the skills to work on the technical side of stage theater. Students are learning stage management, costume design, sound, lighting, backdrop and stage design, backstage coordination, marketing, box office, budgeting, scheduling, filmography and all aspects of putting on a great play.

Thank you, faculty and administration for supporting the drama students. We have such a talented group of students and when we allow their imaginations to fly, there are no limits!
Thank you, parents, for sharing your students and letting them shine!
Thank you, students, for making me laugh, for driving me crazy, and for making me look forward to my job every day!! You are remarkable!!

Mrs. Bauer, Director

Classes: Drama, Drama Tech