Dear Big Sandy School District Community,

We are in our fourth week of in person teaching/learning and have had a great start!  Thank you to the students, staff, and families for your patience with us as we navigate the ever changing landscape of COVID.

When I see the students in their classes learning, in the cafeteria eating lunch, and talking with each other with normal conversations and banter, it makes me glad that these students are getting to experience a “normal” school day with all that goes along with it including building relationships with friends and staff.  I have thought that it is all going good…until it’s not…hopefully, we keep stacking good days upon good days and good weeks upon good weeks.

Remote Learning Preparation

We have also been using these first four weeks preparing for the time if we have to go to remote learning.  As well, we are working on a plan that includes remote learning when we have a “snow day.”

CHSAA and Athletic Updates

The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) is currently discussing revisions to their sports schedules that were announced a month ago.  As many of you know, our community is providing club activities for our students in volleyball, baseball, track.

Our junior high students have been having physical education and playing volleyball and flag football in their P.E. class with the hope of having some type of intramural competition on September 18.

The coaches and Mrs. Swennes have been preparing to have junior high basketball be played in October, November and the first part of December, so as not to conflict with the CHSAA high school schedule with the limited number of referees and facilities.

Colorado Digital Learning Solutions Update

Thank you to Mr. Thieman and others for working with the challenges that Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) has had going from expecting 8000 new online students to 16000 new students within a couple of weeks.  Although it took a couple of extra weeks to get situated, for the most part we are making good progress.

Deadline to Switch to In-Person Learning for CDLS & Homeschool Students

If any CDLS students or homeschool students that are on a different online program are not having success with the online format and wish to come back to in person learning, the deadline to do so is this Tuesday, September 15.  After this date, these students will need to wait until the start of the second semester in January to come back if they desire to.

Deadline for Out of District Students

Also, just so someone does not get caught in an unexpected circumstance, we do have a policy that states that we do not accept out of district students after the October 1 Count Date, so, after Tuesday, online out of district students will need to wait until the next school year to apply for in person schooling.

Free and Reduced Lunches – CDLS Families Included

For everyone that qualifies, including our CDLS families, please fill out the free and reduced lunch application, even if the student does not eat lunch, as it will give the school approximately $1000 for each student that qualifies…thank you!  Please contact Carman Johnson if you need an application it needs to be turned in by the end of September.

 Science Teacher Position Open

We have had a turn over with one of our science teachers.  We are glad that Mrs. Landry has returned to help us and our students out for the next couple weeks as we work on a new solution.

We have done well so far with the safety protocols put into place due to COVID and we are working on and hope to be able to adjust if our environment changes.

Thank you for working with us as we educate our children together!

Steve Wilson

Departments: Superintendent

Athletics: Director