Dear Big Sandy School Community,

Thank you for filling out the Free and Reduced Lunch Forms!  We believe we did the best we could do.

Our unofficial October Count numbers show that we have 325 students in our school this year.  We are up approximately 50 students within the building compared to last year and 10 students below our count from 2-years ago.  This year we have 17.5 more funded students than we budgeted for in June.

Another interesting bit of information is that we are averaging 67 more people eating school lunch this year compared to last year (we do have 50 more students within the building this year).  Also, we have 50 more students eating lunch this year compared to 2 years ago (2 years ago we had 10 more students in the building, but 50 fewer daily lunches each day).

We had a staff member that tested positive for COVID-19.  We have already contacted everyone that may have had close contact.

Please, let’s continue having healthy people come to school and keeping those that are sick at home.

Thank you for the community input for our ESSER III application.  We received approval for it last week.

We are finishing our 1st 9-weeks of school, today!  (A pretty good 1st quarter)

Go Cubs!  Have a good weekend.

Steve Wilson

Departments: Superintendent