Dear Big Sandy School Community,

COVID-19 Update

We were informed late morning and this afternoon that two middle school students tested positive for COVID-19.

The last day they were in school was Wednesday.

We are communicating this information so that you are aware and can keep an eye on your children for signs of being sick.

As a reminder again, if someone in a household has COVID-19, students from that same household should not come to school until further notice.

Trunk or Treat Schedule

Our elementary school will be having a Trunk or Treat event on Friday, October 29 at 2:15.  If a parent or business has interest in participating, please email Mrs. Tucker.

Cost Saving Potentials (Good News!)

A bit of possible good news, we have been working the past few months on trying to get the school’s BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) bonds refinanced at a lower interest rate.

If we can get this done, we will be saving our taxpayers’ some property tax dollars during the next 10 years.

Weekend Athletics Update

Tomorrow, Saturday, our regular season champion JH volleyball team will be competing at the end of the season Black Forest League volleyball tournament in Kiowa.  Our girls will start playing at 11:00.

Go Cubs!  Have a good weekend.

Steve Wilson

Departments: Superintendent