Dear Big Sandy School Community,

Thank you to everyone that put work in to make our Simla School Homecoming Week a success!

October Count

Our October Count date is a week from today, Friday, October 1.

The Count Day is our biggest determiner for the majority of our yearly funding for the school.

(We strive to provide Safe In Person environment, all while encouraging staff, parents and students to stay home when sick!  It is thanks to our staff, our community, parents and students we continue to stay open for in person learning AND maintain high attendance levels without risking others.)

Free Lunches & Funding

We were able to provide free lunches to all of our students this year at the risk of people not having a buy-in to filling out the Free and Reduced Lunch Forms.

If you qualify or are on the border of qualifying for Free or Reduced Lunches in a normal year,

PLEASE fill the form out before next Friday as everyone that qualifies will give the school district an additional $1000+ for the year

Thank you to all of you that have already done so

(Learn More about our Hot Lunch Program, access forms to aide in funding for our Hot Lunch Program to continue to thrive even when recent events, means, all students eat free!  Find the answers to your FAQ’s and how we are utilizing CARES Act funding, at our Hot Lunch Information Page)

Legislative Bus Tour Visits Big Sandy 100J

There was a “Legislative Bus Tour” (Governor Polis’ Office, 2 Federal Senators’ and 2 Representatives’ Offices, State Representatives and Senators, State Board…) that came to our school yesterday; they visited a total of four rural schools.

It turned out very good.

Points Communicated to Legislators for Big Sandy:

My main points that were communicated to all of them were:

  1. We need to get a bigger pool of teachers (shortages, student learning…)
  2. Lack of pay for Colorado teachers (16th in the U.S. when we moved here, now 45th ish…)
  3. Generational families of teachers going away (teachers whose parents and grandparents who were teachers are having their children not become teachers).
  4. Also, we talked about the BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) program
  5. Possible revenue source of renewable energy that would need legislative action
  6. COVID (we have this many layers of protection in place at our school, with that said, thank you for allowing parents/students/schools to have a personal choice in whether or not to wear masks)…

Response Received a day after the Legislative Bus Tour Visited

Today, the organizer of this tour group told me that the Simla School was “the hit of the day,yesterday.

Thank you to everyone in our school for being good hosts for our guests! 

Go Cubs! Have a good weekend.

Steve Wilson

Departments: Superintendent