Dear Big Sandy School Community,

We have had a good start to school this week. Some final exams have been finished, Christmas parties took place and our second semester of school is rolling.

New Student Enrollments Up

Something interesting, we have had 20+ new students enroll at Simla since Thanksgiving. Before Christmas, a neighboring school district told me that they had had 14 new students since Thanksgiving.

COVID Impacts & News

Also, with the COVID positive cases in our state/county going up a bunch in the past couple of weeks, a simple but important reminder for us all is to please keep children home from school if they are not feeling well and keep home if a family member has COVID.

Simla Branch Library Offering Curb-Side Service Only

To keep parents informed, the Simla branch library is only offering curb side service.

Elementary Homework Club Starts

Finally, our elementary homework club will start up again next week on Wednesday after school.

Thank you and Go Cubs!
Steve Wilson

Departments: Superintendent