Dear Big Sandy School Community,

Graduation Ceremonies

We continue to work with Elbert County, again, we are hoping to have information by next week.

Two weeks ago we asked for a waiver allowing us to hold an “Air Force” type of graduation on May 30 at 10:00 on the football field with graduates social distancing and wearing masks.

We also asked that each graduate be allowed to “invite” and have two cars with parents/family attend on their behalf, parked around the football field, listening and watching from their vehicles.

We have not been approved by the state yet, and there is a possibility that we won’t get approved, but we thought we would give you the information that we know about at this time.

As soon as we know something one way or another, we will let you know right away.

End of School year and Summer Athletics

We will be having school lunches this week and next week; the last day for picking up lunches is Thursday, May 21.

It is very unlikely that Simla High School/Junior High School will be having any sports (summer athletic camps, tournaments) during the month of June…July is doubtful at this time.

Mrs. Swennes has provided End of the Year information on academics, locker cleanout/pickup, Virtual Prom and a Cubs Crew Dance.  Please see Secondary End of Year Information for full details.

Mrs Tucker has also provided information for K-5 students & parents on end of the year academics &  student belongings pickup. Please see Elementary End of Year Information post for full details.

Departments: Superintendent

Grades: Elementary, High School, Junior High