Dear Big Sandy School Community,

We have had a great start to our school year with our secondary students finishing their 5th week today and elementary students finishing 4 ½ weeks of school.

Secondary (6-12) Parent/Teacher Conferences are on Monday from 3:00-8:00.

Thank you parents, students, staff and Big Sandy community for a great start.

Thank you for your support of student attendance, for your support of our academics and support of our many extra-curricular activities!

Enrollments are up – We are staffed to take care of our our students!

As of today, our enrollment is 360 students.

The highest Big Sandy School District has been was 365 students around 2002 and soon after when gas prices went high, we lost several students.

Several years later we got as low as 289 students. Last year on the October Count date, we had 325 students, so, with being up 35 students, we are up a little over 10% from a year ago.

We are pleased to have all of our staff hired at this time.

This year we hired 4 teachers, adding back 2 positions that we did not fill early, during COVID as we did not know how our budget would be.

This year we also hired 4 paraprofessionals, 3 positions being new since last year (last year we were down a couple paraprofessionals from previous years).

We have been fortunate to be able to hire good people and have all of our positions filled!

Have a good weekend.
Go Cubs!
Steve Wilson

Departments: Superintendent