Dear Big Sandy School Community,

We have had a great start to the new school year!

Right now, we have around 325 students attending.  Two years ago, we had 335 students attending on the October Count date.  Last year, we had around 275 students in our building.

Probably the biggest thing parents can help us with in keeping our schools open this year is keeping children home if they are sick.  Thank you in advance for helping all of us in the Big Sandy community.

After School Activities

Things on the state/national level continue to change daily.  As of now, we hope to continue to have no attendance restrictions for our after school activities and be able to keep masks optional.

Athletic Event Updates

When we have home ball games, children that want to attend, will not be able to stay at school waiting for the games to begin unattended.  Instead, they need to go home and then come back with their parents later in the evening.

We would ask for good behavior at our ball games this year.  Four reasons we ask this are:

  1. there is a shortage for the tough job of being a referee;
  2.  it is the right thing to do;
  3. we want Simla to be seen in a positive light among referees and visitors;
  4. we want to be able to see good role modeling from our fans for our students.

Thank YOU!

Family Passes Update & Ticket Price Discounts

We will not be having Family Passes for sports this year because of several uncertainties.  At this time, we do hope to have all of the normal sports and be able to play each sport’s full schedule.  We will again be taking $1 off of the normal ticket prices reducing them to $5 for adults and $4 for students and seniors.

Go Cubs!

Steve Wilson

Departments: Superintendent