Tuesday, March 13th 3:00 p.m.

A. Kayelynn called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

  1. Board/School Reports

Board-Mr. Wilson met with the town of Simla concerning the athletic fields.  The school shares expenses with the town. It was a good meeting. We are still waiting for the March forecast concerning the state budget.  An art teacher, Mr. Cox, was hired for next year to replace Mrs. Digby. Currently, we have a jr. high social studies teacher, high school Spanish teacher, a special education aide, and a head cook opening for next year.  Bids for the new building are being put together, but we need an engineer’s report before they can be completed. It will take about 4 weeks to get an engineer’s report. A nutrition audit will be taking place next week. Big Sandy now has Skills USA to remain in compliance for vocational education.  Mrs. Swennes is gathering information from local school districts concerning FFA.

Elementary-Kindergarten roundup was held on February 20th.  Currently, 14 students will be in kindergarten.  Preschool roundup will be in April. The end of the 3rd quarter was on March 8th.  Report cards will go home by this Thursday.  Our attendance drawing will take place on Friday. The elementary attendance for the third quarter was 95.34%.  Easter parties will take place on Friday, March 23rd, and preschool will have theirs the day before. On Thursday, March 15th, Mr. Natale will be here on behalf of CDOT.  He is bringing a snow plow, and all elementary students will have the opportunity to learn about snow removal along with the responsibilities of CDOT.  CMAS testing will begin during the second week of April. Third through fifth grades will take 3 ELA and 3 math tests. Fourth grade will take an additional social studies test, and fifth grade will take a science test.  

Secondary-Secondary will begin testing the week of April 9th.  The eleventh grade will take the CMAS and SAT, and the ninth and tenth grades will take the PSAT.  Third quarter attendance was 94% for the middle school and 91% for the high school. JH incentive trip will be soon.  Staffing patterns are being worked on, and spring break is about seven school days away.

  1. Kid’s Korner/Key Communicators

Kid’s Korner-FBLA is getting ready for state.  Nine kids will be going to state. NHS will have their induction ceremony next Wednesday night.  Battle of the bands will take place during lunch for spirit points. The seniors are making reservations for their trip.

Key Communicators-At the library, we will have March Madness and some awesome prizes to give away.  Several activities are planned during spring break. In addition, Seussabration is a reading incentive program that will be taking place this month. Summer baseball will be beginning soon.  Double El is taking orders for trees until Thursday. Applications are also being received for the Double El scholarship. They will be accepted until the end of March.

  1. Title I/Preschool/Vocational

Title 1-nothing new at this time

Preschool-Twenty nine students are now in preschool.  Mrs. Jenkins attended the state meeting last week. Communication is key to ensure students’ success.  

Vocational-Our district is now participating in Skills USA.  Students will be able to compete in various woodworking activities.  Admin attended an awards ceremony hosted by CDE.

  1.  Nutritional Update
  2. Grievance policy-Mr. Wilson went over the Civil Rights Complaint Procedure for the School Nutrition Program with the committee.  Brigham made the motion to approve the food service policy (EF-E-2), and Taylor seconded. Motion passed.
  3.  Safety Update

Lockdown drills-We will be holding lockdown drills during students’ lunchtimes to ensure that staff and students know what to do in the event of an emergency.   At the next teacher inservice in April, the Elbert County Sheriff’s dept. will be conducting a self-defense class for staff and students.

  1.  Unified Improvement Plan Update-This will be due in the middle of April.  
  2.  Review Preliminary Year End Report-This report was sent via email to all committee members.  It will be discussed at the next meeting.

Kayelynn adjourned the meeting at 3:38 p.m.

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