Simla Schools will be closed on November 10th & 11th due to the state volleyball tournament.

The girls will be playing at 12:30 pm at the Denver Coliseum against Otis.

We would love for a sea of Blue & Gold to attend to support our Simla Cubs!

Tickets for Games

All tickets for the tournament are sold online-you must purchase your ticket at this link:

AXS Online Tickets for CHSAA State Volleyball Championships

Ride to the Game on our Spirit Bus

There is a sign up sheet in the office for a spirit bus to bring students and adults to the game.

Cost for the spirit bus is $5, and we need a minimum of 15 people to ride the bus to make it happen.

  • All elementary & junior high students will need an adult to chaperone them to the tournament.
  • High school students can ride the bus alone.

There are permission slips in the office that all students will need to have to ride the bus.

Game Time:

The game is at 12:30, and when they win they would play at 6 pm that night.

You will also need snack/food money for the day and will need to pay for your ticket into the game at the above link.

Go Cubs!

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